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Many of us have had a penchant for crime shows at some point, intrigued by the idea of learning more about the inner workings of our legal system. However, not everything is “as seen on TV.” Not every attorney is cutthroat and looking to make a quick buck, disregarding the opportunity to get to know the person rather than just the injury. We have been a solace for residents of St. Louis, MO to turn to for nearly a century now, providing legal counsel to those who suffer from a personal injury in response to the actions of others. Find out what sets us apart from other legal firms and what makes our St. Louis attorneys so sought after.

Vaping Incident

Though the long-term health effects associated with vaping remain inconclusive, many are willing to take the risk for short-term relief. The activity of vaping and using e-cigarettes is relatively new, but not without incident. Defective vaping devices and other e-cigarette devices have caused serious accidents such as fires or explosions. If you’ve suffered as a result of a vaping spell turned terribly wrong, our St. Louis attorneys can help you win the compensation and settlement you deserve.

Car Accident

All it takes is a single moment to alter the course of the rest of your life. When individuals get into a car crash, more often than not blame can be assigned to one party. Sometimes people are just negligent and being inattentive to their surroundings, other times it’s more than that; Someone’s doing something they know is wrong. Yet, it’s often not the wrongdoers who suffer the most in the long-run. Thus, our St. Louis attorneys strive to assist our clients in winning compensation for the suffering endured, whether the injuries be minor or deadly. Compensation awarded can account for medical expenses,mental anguish, loss of wages, loss of job entirely, and so on.

Cases we handle include:
Hit and Run
Drunk Driving
Catastrophic injuries
Auto defects
Ride sharing
Driving while drowsy
Failing to obey the rules of the road
And more…
Even if you find yourself in a unique situation not listed here, still give us a call. If it’s within our power to help you win back the money lost, we would love the opportunity.

Medical Malpractice

Though it’s true that we’re all human and everybody makes mistakes, mistakes made in the medical realm often prove fatal to the patients who placed their trust in the staff members. The third most prevalent cause of death in the U.S. can be attributed to medical negligence. Oftentimes, this occurs when healthcare providers deviate from their standard of care. Medical malpractice can be difficult to prove in the courtroom, but our St. Louis attorneys have taken on thousands of cases, From these cases, they’ve learned how to pinpoint the strengths of the case and which hurdles they must overcome to achieve victory. An important thing to note is that a claim must be filed within two years of the incident, otherwise it is rendered obsolete.

Ways Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers can help you build your case include:
Case evaluation
Investigating to gather evidence
Communicating with insurance agencies and opposing party’s lawyers
Filing court docs and managing paperwork
Tirelessly fighting for you and for justice

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death suits often fall under a broad umbrella that can encompass many different things. A primary example of a wrongful death case would include drunk driving. Accidents related to drinking and driving remains the main cause of car accidents that occur in Missouri. Though no amount of money our clients win can compensate for the loss of a loved one, this money is reflective of the fact that we challenged the party responsible for the loss of life and made them give up something of value in turn.

Compensation claimants often seek out go towards:
Wake, funeral, or burial expenses
Remaining medical bills
Estimated salary the deceased would have earned
Loss of the individual and the companionship they afforded
Losing one of the people you love most in the world is difficult enough without the fear of sinking into deep debt. Our St. Louis attorneys can help vanquish at least a portion of this concern. One thing to note before becoming too invested in a case is that there is a hierarchy of claimants who may file on their deceased loved one’s behalf. Missouri’s statutes may differ from other states, but you may reference our website for additional details about who is eligible to file.

Premises Liability

With owning property comes the responsibility of ensuring that it’s reasonably safe for patrons to visit. Premises liability can encompass many different cases including patrons slipping and falling, swimming pool accidents, emission of toxic fumes, snow and ice accumulation, amusement ride mishaps, and more. By failing to keep up with maintenance of these things, property owners are subjecting themselves to the possibility of a lawsuit should anyone get hurt. St. Louis attorneys have worked numerous liability cases and can can help you gather incident reports and other documentation that comes in handy when filing a claim.

Unique Circumstances

This list represents a small fraction of the services Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers St. Louis attorneys offer clients. If you suffer a personal injury due to the fault of someone else, do not hesitate to call. Even if the cause is not stated on our website, this doesn’t diminish the significance of your situation. The best chance our clients have of walking away with the settlement they deserve is to call as soon as possible after the incident occurs. This gives our attorneys ample time to collect evidence and witness testimonies before this evidence is altered, tainted, or deteriorates over the course of time. 

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